Gugsy Ahmed OBE

Just want to say how impressed I am with BH coaching. I had very low expectations about Ben’s professionalism. However this was totally unfounded. There is no doubt as a multi world champion he is a talent to be reckoned with.... but a coach??? This flamboyant individual with painted toe nails and an attitude you see from afar. The rumours of his behaviour either sway you to love or loathe the man. Need I have been reticent about his professionalism, I can honestly say not one iota. The mans knowledge patience and ability to diagnose your areas of further development is unquestionable. He explains why you are doing what you are doing incorrectly, makes adjustments and has you smashing the clays like never before and more importantly instilling and raising your self esteem. This is after he inspects your gun for fit and tweaks it so you have every confidence in your equipment. It’s clear to me the Ben has spent hours refining his teaching techniques and pedagogy and as someone that monitors the teaching ability and progress of pupils for an occupation. I would grade Ben as outstanding and if it was possible ....standing out from the outstanding. In fact I would have no hesitation in recommending a lesson with this behemoth if you want your shooting to progress.

Ian Bullough

Ben’s reputation as an outstanding competition shooting instructor is both well know and well deserved. Perhaps less well known is his skills as a game shooting coach - another area in which he excels.
As an experienced and proficient game shot with a solid technique I had previously found lessons to be of little benefit. Then I had the good fortune to meet Ben.
Ben is a great communicator and an out of the box thinker. He has experimented with every aspect of the techniques needed for successful game shooting and has discovered that the traditional methods taught are often not the most effective.
Unlike many lessons I have had previously, which felt like guided practice sessions, Ben’s lessons have genuine lightbulb moments. The answers are not given to you on a plate. Ben asks you the right questions to find the answers yourself. A much more valuable teaching style. Sometimes the conclusions you reach are counter intuitive. You think “really? That’s the opposite of what I’ve been told before. Can it work?” And then you try it and it works and feels natural to boot.
His gun fitting and balancing work is excellent. He does not over push brands but works with his clients to be the best they can be.
Infield instruction is very valuable too. Obviously the core work is done on clays but a day with Ben stood on your shoulder in the field is illuminating and instructive. And like his lessons, surprisingly affordable, especially by industry standards.
To have the opportunity to learn from a multi-discipline, multi-time world champion who is an original thinker with a proven pedigree of personal success at virtually the same cost as your local shooting ground’s instructor is just nuts really.
I can’t recommend Ben highly enough.

Sabah Al Sabah


Once you get to know Ben you will enjoy every second spent on the shooting ground. He has taken my shooting to a new level. Without his coaching or insight, I wouldn't be shooting high scores right now. His knowledge, accomplishments and experience on sporting clays makes him one of the best out there. Would recommend him without any hesitation..

James Johnstone

Best coach in the sport, solid foundation from his methods, gun fit, pre shot routine, ‘mental game’ covered, if you can’t understand what he’s trying to teach you, he can take your gun and demonstrate there and then...that’s invaluable!!! Ben has never told me where I’ve missed, he’s always told my why I’ve missed, knowing why makes you a better shooter!!! His lessons are all about the process not the outcome, get the process correct and the outcome will look after itself!!! I went to Ben for a lesson 6 years ago as a new shooter to the sport. He quickly helped me out of struggling in C class to making the Scottish team at the sporting home international 15 months later. Since then I’ve shot for both the Scottish sporting and FITASC teams. Not only the best coach in the sport, the best value for money too...because there’s no bullshit!!!

Filippo Boldrini

I've been working on my technique with Ben for four years. I have to say that at the first meeting Ben looked at me and told me that if I wanted to follow his method I had to radically change my way of shooting. I state that I was a neophyte and in Italy I had some good results. The first year I had to assimilate all the techniques and positions of his method.With a little 'will and tenacity I started to find benefit ...... from the second year until today I found only positive situations and in the last two years I have achieved my best results at the National Title level and how the two convocation in the national team of English Spoting and in that of Sporting where in the past year 2018 me and my teammates won the team title. Thanks Ben and see you soon I have to improve !!!

Ben Sutton – World Champion

I met Ben for the first time on a cold winter’s day at Sporting Targets in 2010. After just 3 hours of shooting, we returned to clubhouse where Ben gave his assessment on what could be achieved in the next 10 years… my jaw hit the floor; England Team within the next year, England Junior Team captain within 3 years, World Champion, Better than him. The following 5 years of regular tuition saw me go from having never shot a competition to achieving 3 out of his 4 predictions (The last one has so far alluded me but one day maybe!). From the very first lessons covering gun fit, feet positioning and in my case actually remembering my gun(!), Ben showed attention to detail, ensuring that every part of my ground work was learnt in detail so that further knowledge could be built. Following that was work on methods - Ben’s knowledge of these methods, ability to identify the slightest of errors in relation to these methods and ability to explain clearly exactly what to change and how I believe puts his lessons in a league of their own. Rarely does he concentrate on how you missed (in front/behind etc) but instead why you missed – what was the thought process behind that decision? What was your reason for doing it that way? Did you notice this – what should we therefore do differently? (Of course these are all given with much more banter and exaggeration, which never ceases to entertain!) Importantly, he makes you think about every shot before taking it having given you a tool kit to be able to hit anything. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would not have achieved what I did without Ben’s lessons; if you want to be good at shooting, Ben will make that happen.