Clay shooting Tuition

What stands Ben out as a shooting coach is his understanding of all methods of the mental game which it takes to win. From the complete beginner to the complete internationals, he has a solution for his clients.
“The talented young ‘doctor’ who can diagnose my problem in 10 minutes and prescribe the solution immediately!”

Giving lessons from the age of 14, his coaching style has been refined over the years. He has now got a programme laid out for his lessons which speeds up the development of his clients. When the aptitude of the coach is tested by his students results, Ben isn’t short of testimonials to his coaching; including Kate Brown who has won numerous European and World Championships.

Ben caters for his clients with hourly, half daily and full days tuition. Post lesson, he is always there for queries and follow up support; either by email, telephone or even face to face at any competitions he attends.

Gun Fit

Gun fit can be undervalued in shooting but when it comes to Fitasc, the overall importance becomes clear. Being able to mount the gun consistently in the same place comes down to two factors; Practice & gun fit.

When Ben starts coaching his clients; gun fit is high on the agenda. In a gun up position, you will adjust your position relative to the gun, but when shooting gun down, you havn’t the time for body adjustments and the movement has to be natural so it is vital to get the gun adjusted accordingly to the individual.

Although Bens Clients start shooting from a gun up position and progress from there, it is important to start as you mean to go on with every detail covered to build a strong foundation.

Ben looks at a number of issues when wheighing up his client; balance, eye alignment and client size. Stock length, weight and barrel length are all dictated by the size and shape of the client. Many new shooters often ask what barrel length is best, contrary to the trend of choosing longer barrels, this all does depend on the size of each individual.

Choosing differennt styles of stock depends on personal preferance.

When it comes to balance of the gun, Ben gets his clients to go for slightly stock heavy and also a higher comb height. To understand why becomes clear when having a lesson with Ben.

Choosing the right gun is something which Ben has a vast amount of experience in. Although he recomends Kreighoff, and deals directly with the factory, Ben accepts that not everyone can afford such a gun. When someone is new to the sport; budget often dictates what gun they can afford to purchase. Ben recomends that spending around a £1000 on a second hand gun will help in the long run. Also when trading up the client won’t get burnt too much with gun depreciation.

Game Shooting

Course Setting

Great shooters become champions through practice, talent and being aware of a vast amount of targets. Ben has seen most targets through his career and can use his experience to set courses which offer a challenge to the more experienced shooter whilst catering for the intermediate.

Each shooting ground has a different terrain, and may only be able to place targets in certain areas. Ben assess’ each ground and plans it’s course accordingly.

A good layout is no accident, Ben’s careful planning gives variety and also uses the full potential of an area.

Ultimately, a well designed course will create a fantastic shoot for the customer and good profitabilty for the business owner.