Ben’s reputation as an outstanding competition shooting instructor is both well know and well deserved. Perhaps less well known is his skills as a game shooting coach – another area in which he excels.
As an experienced and proficient game shot with a solid technique I had previously found lessons to be of little benefit. Then I had the good fortune to meet Ben.
Ben is a great communicator and an out of the box thinker. He has experimented with every aspect of the techniques needed for successful game shooting and has discovered that the traditional methods taught are often not the most effective.
Unlike many lessons I have had previously, which felt like guided practice sessions, Ben’s lessons have genuine lightbulb moments. The answers are not given to you on a plate. Ben asks you the right questions to find the answers yourself. A much more valuable teaching style. Sometimes the conclusions you reach are counter intuitive. You think “really? That’s the opposite of what I’ve been told before. Can it work?” And then you try it and it works and feels natural to boot.
His gun fitting and balancing work is excellent. He does not over push brands but works with his clients to be the best they can be.
Infield instruction is very valuable too. Obviously the core work is done on clays but a day with Ben stood on your shoulder in the field is illuminating and instructive. And like his lessons, surprisingly affordable, especially by industry standards.
To have the opportunity to learn from a multi-discipline, multi-time world champion who is an original thinker with a proven pedigree of personal success at virtually the same cost as your local shooting ground’s instructor is just nuts really.
I can’t recommend Ben highly enough.