Just want to say how impressed I am with BH coaching. I had very low expectations about Ben’s professionalism. However this was totally unfounded. There is no doubt as a multi world champion he is a talent to be reckoned with…. but a coach??? This flamboyant individual with painted toe nails and an attitude you see from afar. The rumours of his behaviour either sway you to love or loathe the man. Need I have been reticent about his professionalism, I can honestly say not one iota. The mans knowledge patience and ability to diagnose your areas of further development is unquestionable. He explains why you are doing what you are doing incorrectly, makes adjustments and has you smashing the clays like never before and more importantly instilling and raising your self esteem. This is after he inspects your gun for fit and tweaks it so you have every confidence in your equipment. It’s clear to me the Ben has spent hours refining his teaching techniques and pedagogy and as someone that monitors the teaching ability and progress of pupils for an occupation. I would grade Ben as outstanding and if it was possible ….standing out from the outstanding. In fact I would have no hesitation in recommending a lesson with this behemoth if you want your shooting to progress.