I met Ben for the first time on a cold winter’s day at Sporting Targets in 2010. After just 3 hours of shooting, we returned to clubhouse where Ben gave his assessment on what could be achieved in the next 10 years… my jaw hit the floor; England Team within the next year, England Junior Team captain within 3 years, World Champion, Better than him. The following 5 years of regular tuition saw me go from having never shot a competition to achieving 3 out of his 4 predictions (The last one has so far alluded me but one day maybe!).

From the very first lessons covering gun fit, feet positioning and in my case actually remembering my gun(!), Ben showed attention to detail, ensuring that every part of my ground work was learnt in detail so that further knowledge could be built. Following that was work on methods – Ben’s knowledge of these methods, ability to identify the slightest of errors in relation to these methods and ability to explain clearly exactly what to change and how I believe puts his lessons in a league of their own. Rarely does he concentrate on how you missed (in front/behind etc) but instead why you missed – what was the thought process behind that decision? What was your reason for doing it that way? Did you notice this – what should we therefore do differently? (Of course these are all given with much more banter and exaggeration, which never ceases to entertain!) Importantly, he makes you think about every shot before taking it having given you a tool kit to be able to hit anything. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would not have achieved what I did without Ben’s lessons; if you want to be good at shooting, Ben will make that happen.